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I have written extensively for biotechnology and technology start-up companies with patented, innovative core technology to launch both the company and its products. The challenge involves quickly learning the science from one or more subject matter experts, then "translating" the science of that proprietary technology for both a B2B target, not necessarily scientists, as well as a consumer audience, a skill that I have mastered.


Founded by Michael Kahn, PhD., a research professor at the Eli & Edith Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at USC's Keck School of Medicine, Makucell applied its proprietary core technology to a line of skin care cosmeceutical products sold through the direct-to-physicians channel and direct to consumers online. The molecular biology involved the regulation of the Wnt Signaling pathway by a small molecule, Asymmtate, developed by Dr. Kahn. Asymmtate modulates the signal to stimulate the skin's stem cells, re-energizing them to behave as if they were younger and begin the process of producing collagen and elastin within the skin's matrix structure. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished and skin looks younger.


Though popular in Asia, in April of 2007 when I joined Tyfone, mobile banking and mobile contactless payments ("wave and pay") were unknown in the US. Tyfone developed patented, secure hardware and software, creating a plug-n-play, bank branded mobile platform targeted to financial institutions.  This start-up need branding, messaging, marketing strategy and a plan, all created and implemented on a razor-thin budget. During my tenure, I wrote the first set of collateral materials, by-lined articles for the CEO, and 8 press releases.    ​​

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