​​​Why I’ll be Thrown-Out of the Tribe

•   Brisket is a Rite of Passage

•   The Elusive Kreplach

•   Jews Don’t Camp
The Linda Parker Horowitz Certified Shaygitz Seal of Approval

•   Bubbies in Cyberspace

•   A Jewish Christmas Eve
Pets — I’ve Owned a Few or They’ve Owned Me
Pet Accoutrements
Pet Projects ... or how I invented speed dating
Incident at 990 Volante Drive
I Have an MBA and Know How to Use it 
Everyday Astrophysics
An International Shepherdess
Acronym Soup
Greetings from Casa Horowitz  

•  The Joys of Home Ownership

•  A Fag Hag Forever​​​

•  Dinner Dialogue
7-11 Cultural Experience
Ya Miss Me Yet?

​What happens when a New York City actress attends an Ivy League business school, moves to L.A., joins corporate America, and gets married? She gives birth to two sons and “Brisket is a Rite of Passage,” the first of many humorous essays on life as a card-carrying neurotic Jewish-mother-lifelong-fag-hag-ex-actress-MBA raising two sons, one husband, 3 lizards, 2 cats and a dog all while working as a Vice President of Marketing.  Occasionally, she poses as a soccer mom and tries not to get busted. 

Part David Sedaris, part Erma Bombeck served with gefilte fish and a dollop of horse radish, Linda recounts her personal experiences as if she’s at open mic night at a comedy club working ‘clean.’ Her personality leaps off the page as she exposes her skewed and hilarious world view. 

If you have children and pets, a technology-impaired elder parent, OR despite being Jewish, Italian, Indian, or French, are duty-bound to cook but loathe it, then these humorous short essays will surely resonate with you and give you a much-needed laugh. 

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