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Copy Writing

My extensive copy writing portfolio contains examples from a diverse set of industries and in

a range of formats, both online and print. The content and tone embraces the brand voice and communicates benefits to the target audience - from physicians and science journalists to beauty bloggers; consumers to institutional investment managers. Each piece tells a story,

leveraging brand messages and market research to resonate with the target audience.

This section is organized by industry and format.

Website creation, copy writing and content is in a

separate tab.              If you are interested in reading

a piece written for a particular industry but don't see

it on that page, a sample will be on one of the format

pages. For example, the advertisements I wrote for

Indymac Bank are on the advertisements page, not

the Financial Services page.

One final note. Many pieces I wrote and art directed are

in hard copy. I am hopeful to have more scanned in the

near future. In the interim, I would be happy to present

my comprehensive portfolio to you in person. Reach-out to me via this website:

By email at: or by telephone: 626-898-4422.