Press Releases

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​​​I have written numerous press releases for various clients in diverse industries and distributed them over BusinessWire with my corporate account. Click on the titles for examples of press releases for the clients listed below.

Tyfone, a high-tech venture start-up in the mobile space that developed and launched a hardware and software platform enabling mobile financial services.

Makucell, a bio-tech start-up with innovative stem cell technology. Founder is a cancer researcher at the Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at the University of Southern California. Press releases to launch the company and its consumer skin care product line, Renewnt.

Eldergadget, a consumer electronics website focused on helping seniors continue living without impairments.

The Schechter Institute for Judaic Studies in Israel, a non-profit educational institution with rabbinic and cantorial programs, teachers' college and pluralistic school curriculum. Press release to publicize the video conference learning series, "LA Goes the Distance," was one part of a three-pronged campaign which also included a letter to a large database as well as area synagogues and a tri-fold brochure, all of which I wrote and managed.