Bank Acquisitions

Jewish Federation

When Wells Fargo acquired First Interstate Bank in 1996, I rebranded every piece of collateral for Trust & Private Client Services. Shortly thereafter, I began working at Union Bank of California, just as the organization was in the throes of a post-merger identity crisis. I was given the UBOC "bank in a box" and built entirely new collateral systems with the new logo and brand positioning for six business lines within Trust & Private Financial Services. ​

* For information on a Value Analysis, reach-out to Ty Ragland at:

Jewish Federation of the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys had a logo but no market analysis or branding strategy. My presentation to the Board of Governors describes 

the market, issues and challenges to creating a new, relevant brand. A designer

created the stylized menorah logo. I wrote the tagline, "Building community. Enhancing Jewish life," in addition to managing the stationery system development.

Tyfone, Pvt. Ltd.

Indymac Bank

I championed Indymac Bank's three-year branding project from inception to final roll-out. The initial step was to understand the current mortgage lender market - brokers, bankers, financial institutions. Working directly with Ty Ragland of Message Factors, I developed and managed a Value Analysis,* a primary research project to discover what specific aspects of Indymac's business B2B customers valued from their mortgage lender. Using the research as a guide, I wrote new brand messages, built a brand platform for all forms of marketing communications, then managed focus groups to test multiple creative executions. Two interim design phases and the corporate logo implementation followed before the final brand rollout, both online and in print. The Indymac button opens my presentation

of the entire project with representative collateral from each phase.

Tyfone's CTO created the first logo. Working directly with White Canvas, a design firm in Bangalore, India, I led the agency and senior managers through the development of a new logo, graphic standards and tagline. I create Tyfone's core brand messages, and wrote, edited, art directed and acted as account manager with Tyfone's team (both in the U.S. and India), creating Tyfone's first-ever set of collateral materials and online press kit.

For me, branding is like breathing.

Even when I lived in New York City, I helped actors create what is now known as a "personal brand," positioning them to agents and creating marketing packages to break through competitive clutter. Since then, I have managed every aspect of branding - creating, revising or repositioning brands for non-profits and corpor-

ations across a range of diverse industries. I was a guest lecturer at Whittier College and at Loyola Marymount University's MBA program.


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