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​​​Established in 1984 with five students, The Schechter Institutes has grown into a major Israeli educational organization devoted to the broad dissemination of Jewish studies for ALL Israelis and Jews throughout the world, serving 50,000 adults and children each year in Israel and Eastern Europe. Jewish study in an environment that is both academically critical and committed to tradition provides a vital, and hitherto missing, dimension to Israeli education. The Institutes’ goal is offering pluralistic Jewish education to diverse populations, thereby promoting a democratic society secure in its Jewish roots. 

The Schechter Institutes, Inc. provides support to four non-profit organizations based in Jerusalem, Israel, and forms an educational umbrella that includes:

  • Schechter Institute of Jewish Studiesis the largest M.A. program in Jewish Studies in Israel with 670 Israeli students and 1360 graduates.
  • Schechter Rabbinical Seminary is the international rabbinical school of Conservative Judaism, serving Israel, Europe and the Americas.
  • TALI Education Fund offers a pluralistic Jewish Studies program to 45,000 children in 260 Israeli secular public schools and kindergartens.
  • Midreshet Yerushalayim provides Jewish education to Hebrew and Russian-speakers all over Israel and to Jewish communities throughout the Ukraine.